5.30 Forum Toastmasters Club

How our meetings work

The Agenda for a Meeting

All Toastmaster Club meetings have an agenda to let people know what will be happening that night. The agenda is drawn up by the Toastmaster (Chairperson) and shows the duration for each event on the programme. Toastmasters are strict about time, with meetings starting and ending on time.

The Meeting Schedule

A schedule for several months meetings is prepared by the Vice President Education. The schedule lists the duties assigned to club members at forthcoming meetings along with a directory of club members. You are welcome to visit the club for 3 meetings before deciding whether you want to become a member. It is not possible, however, to schedule you for a formal speech until you have become a member. Once you have joined the club you will be scheduled for your first speech as quickly as possible. You will also be assigned other duties to be performed on club nights, but these will be scheduled according to your level of experience (see next section).

Who Does What on the Night?

At each meeting members perform specific roles that have been assigned previously. These roles rotate amongst the members meeting by meeting so that every one in the club gains experience in a variety of speaking/communication roles.

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