We are a Hamilton based club with a friendly casual atmosphere, in keeping with a dinner party. We have some very competent speakers among our members (some with over 25 years of toastmasters experience) and others who are new to toastmasters. We have a wide cross-section of ages, and interests represented. We only meet once a month so the workload associated with belonging is lower than for some clubs. However, if someone wanted to proceed rapidly through the Toastmasters programme there would often be opportunities to fit extra speaking slots into our meetings.

What do Toastmasters actually do at a meeting?

We follow a traditional Toastmasters style meeting with prepared speeches, evaluations that provide feedback to participants, and an opportunity for everyone to participate in impromptu speaking (called table topics). We enjoy speeches, jokes, and other presentations from a group of skilled, developing, interesting, and informative speakers. This is underpinned by the excellent Toastmasters International educational materials and speech manuals that are available to members.

Our meeting is timed around a meal - we often have pre-dinner drinks while people arrive and get organised, have some presentations, break for a main meal, continue the meeting with further speeches/evaluations, break for dessert, then have the final wrap-up for the night accompanied by coffee for those who like to have a hot drink at the end of the night.

Membership and Meeting Information

The club is based in Hamilton and meets on the third Wednesday of the month. Each meeting is at a different venue, usually a restaurant, but occasionally a picnic in the park or some other such activity. You are welcome to come along as a guest but you do need to contact us in order to find out where we will be. Also the person organising each meeting likes to have a reasonable indication of numbers for the restaurant booking.

You are welcome to come along to three meetings before you decide to join. We have an annual membership fee which varies with exchange rate but is usually about $40.00 and we each pay for our own meal at each meeting - usually about $30, depending on what you choose to have. You must be aged 18 or over to join a Toastmasters club.

To find out where our next meeting will be contact:

m.balks@waikato.ac.nz or rodney@rodneylewis.co.nz

About Toastmasters

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