Toastmasters clubs provide a place to learn communication and leadership skills in a friendly club environment. Our club has a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Our meetings take approximately an hour which usually includes 1-2 prepared speeches, some time for short impromptu speeches and evaluations of all speeches. Evaluations provide positive feedback, with plenty of encouragement. Everyone gets an opportunity to speak in front of an audience, there is however no pressure to do so. We also usually have a drink after the meeting.

Our members are made up of mainly professional people, including scientists, teachers and business people; however we encourage people from all walks of life, as this gives a great balance to the meetings.

Membership and Meeting Information

Rotorua Toastmasters meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at 6:00pm - 7:00pm at the Rotorua Club, 278 Fenton Street, Rotorua. Please contact Pauline (phone numbers below) to check whether a meeting is on.

Fees are $89 for members new to Toastmasters or $50 for members who are (or have been) registered with Toastmasters. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Talk to our club treasurer when you're ready to join.

Everyone is welcome to come along but you must be 18 or over to join a Toastmasters club. You can contact us before the meeting and we can arrange someone to meet you at the door to help with that nervous first step into the meeting.

For more information:

Daytime: 027 486 8699; Evening: (07) 357 2004; Anytime: 027 486 8699
Email: rotorua@toastmasters.org.nz

About Toastmasters

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