Who We Are

Palmerston North Toastmasters Club is a dynamic and fun club. Several of our members are striving for high awards and we have a regular group attending District Conventions. During the past decade our annually elected committees have led us to Distinguished Club status and beyond. We also frequently have members competing at National Competitions.

When and Where We Meet

We meet on 1st, 3rd and 5th Mondays of the month at The Hearing House, 435 Church Street, Palmerston North. There's a map available at


We start at 7.30pm sharp and aim to finish at 9.30pm. There's a supper break half way through. Guests are welcome, announced or otherwise, and we recommend you arrive ten to fifteen minutes beforehand. This gives our Host time to welcome you, give you a name tag and invite you to enter your contact details in our guest book.

You will be introduced to a member who will take you to your seat and answer any questions you may have. At some stage during the evening you will be asked if you would like to join. Having said that, you are most welcome to visit us a couple more times before making up your mind.

Meeting Style

We have formal meetings run by the Chair with an agenda and roles that are assigned weeks beforehand. The Chair is responsible for confirming the fine details before the meeting and troubleshooting any last-minute changes. We aim to have 3 - 5 prepared speeches per meeting and a session of Table Topics, in which members and guests, if they want to participate, have a chance to speak for 1 2 minutes on a given subject without preparation. There may also be an Educational session, which is a ten-minute prepared training by a senior member.

Every speaker is evaluated using the principles of commendation and recommendation. Our club places great value on evaluations because this is a positive process that helps us learn and improve.

How Much Will It Cost ?

There's a one-off new members' fee of $35 that pays for the starter pack, and a six-monthly fee of $84 (or $14.00/month) that covers international fees, room rental, etc.

Contact Us

Email: palmerstonnorth@toastmasters.org.nz

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